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Admin Update (06/20):  We added a new EZ Magic Video coupon code…  Save some money before the price increases and the coupon expires.  Remember, we’re including a very special EXCLUSIVE Bonus with this EZ Magic Video offer.   Pivotal PLR Rehab will sell for $47 but is yours for FREE if you buy EZ Magic Video through our offer.   More information can be found below in the bonus section.  If you Purchase through our offer and receive the EZ Magic Video Expansion Pack!  The Expansion Pack was designed to make EZ Magic Video even better by giving you more resources.

ez magic bonus - expansion pack

EZ Magic Video Review [Section 1] – What Is EZ Magic Video?:

EZ Magic Video is a cloud-based platform that allows the user to render combinations of supplied videos together to create a finished professional spokesperson video.   Select your spokesperson and the software allows you to select exactly what each professional spokesperson says, Line by line.  EZ Magic Video does include dozens of videos, backgrounds, lower-thirds, soundtracks, and more.  One thing we really did like was we found proof Beta-Testers have been using EZ Magic Video for months during its developmental phase.  


Todd Gross & Matt Bush

EZ Magic Video was developed by Todd Gross & Matt Bush.  Todd Gross doesn’t need much of an introduction as he’s probably one of the most recognizable developers & spokespeople in the video niche.  He has been the face and/or product creator of dozens of top selling video related products.  Todd Gross is one of the top performing vendors on JVZoo and has a massive following.

Matt Bush has worked with Todd Gross on several product launches.  He is a product developer with many product titles under his belt such as EZ Review Videos, Local Animation Studio, Video Agency Studio, Instant Video Machine, and others.  He is also a JVZoo Premium Seller.


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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Initial Thoughts:” style=”1″] When it comes to sales videos, I am truly old-school.  I believe in hiring a quality spokesperson who will read from a professionally written script.  I don’t generally believe in shortcuts when it comes to “Sales Videos”.  Hopefully, EZ Magic Video will change my mind…  [/wpsm_titlebox]


EZ Magic Video Review [Section 2]: Using The System

The EZ Magic Video team provided us with access to the platform a couple of weeks prior to launch for the purpose of this review.  While this gave us a little time to play with the platform prior to launch, we do need to remember this product is under active development and changes/improvements are being made every day.

After logging into the member’s area, you immediately are faced with your first decision.  You must select the spokesperson for your project.  At the time of this review, I have access to give (5) completely separate spokespeople.


Choose Spokesperson

After choosing your desired spokesperson, you are presented with a massive collection of sentences and phrases.

Simply choose your desired sentences and start building your perfect sales video.  The sentences and phrases are categorized into groups which I found extremely helpful.  


EZ Magic Video - Choose Sentences



Once you are satisfied with your sales video, it’s time to choose your background, audio, and lower thirds.  At this point, I suggest you read through your script and make sure everything is in place.   You can then save, render, and download your new creation.  


EZ Magic Video Final View


For the purpose of this review,  the video I created is very short but took less than 10 minutes to create (and that included rendering time).  I honestly was SHOCKED by the quality!  SHOCKED



As I said above, I am completely shocked at how well the video came together.   When I started this review, I was hoping the product was at least competent enough that I could publish the review and promote the product.  In the end, I am pleasantly surprised.

With that said, there were some things I didn’t like about the platform.  I am going to continue to test this product over the next few days and compile all my thoughts at the bottom of this review under the “My Final Thoughts” section.  Make sure to check that out below to see what I did (and didn’t) love about the EZ Magic Video product.


EZ Magic Video Review [Section 3]: Upsells / OTOs / Discounts / Bonuses

[wpsm_numbox num="1" style="3"]EZ Magic Video OTO 1)  [$47/One-Time] EZ Magic Video Deluxe which includes 2,000 additional video clips + backgrounds + more music[/wpsm_numbox]

[wpsm_numbox num="2" style="3"]EZ Magic Video OTO 2)  [$67/One-Time] Pre-built agency website + 1000 more clips to use[/wpsm_numbox]

[wpsm_numbox num="3" style="3"]EZ Magic Video OTO 3)  [$67/One-Time] EZ Magic Video Local Upgrade – 2000 additional clips specifically for marketing to local businesses.[/wpsm_numbox]

[wpsm_numbox num="4" style="3"]EZ Magic Video OTO 4)  [$19.95/mo] EZ Magic Video Club – Get new monthly clips based on member suggestions, trending niches, hot topics, and more.[/wpsm_numbox]



EZ Magic Video Discounts & Coupons:

According to the vendor, EZ Magic Video will be sold for $67 per month after the product launch period.  This is great as it will keep the product alive and profitable for years to come.  

Fortunately for you, the EZ Magic Video Team is offering a very special price and bonus package during this promotion period.  By taking advantage of this offer, you are receiving EZ Magic Video for a one-time price which is not something that will be available if you wait.


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Our Exclusive EZ Magic Video Bonus


[wpsm_numbox num="1" style="3"]Pivotal PLR Rehab  ($47 Value)[/wpsm_numbox]

If you purchase EZ Magic Video through our offer, you will receive FREE Access to our newest training course, Pivotal PLR Rehab.  In this training, you will learn how to convert everyday PLR content into new unique money-generating products. 

Once you have a unique quality product, you can use EZ Magic Video to create your sales video and start promoting it on social media, Youtube, Google, and of course your website.

Pivotal PLR Rehab will sell for $47 and won’t be available to the public until June 1st.  If you purchase EZ Magic Video, it can be yours today!


[wpsm_numbox num="2" style="3"]EZ Magic Video Agency License Upgade ($97 Value)[/wpsm_numbox]

EZ Magic Video Agency License


[wpsm_numbox num="3" style="3"]EZ Magic Video Expansion Pack Upgade [/wpsm_numbox]

ez magic bonus - expansion pack

  • 15 new background images to insert directly into your EZ Magic Video productions, or use them with any software that accepts backgrounds!
  • 10 new motion VIDEO backgrounds to insert directly into your EZ Magic Video productions, or use them with any software that accepts video backgrounds!
  • 10 new lower thirds images to use in EZ Magic Video, or any software that lower thirds graphics can be used!
  • 10 ready to use outros for your videos. Use these inside EZ Magic Video or any software where you can add your outros!
  • Get a pre-made business card template design that you can customize and have printed. Perfect for those of you who will be using EZ Magic Video for offline clients!
  • Music can be expensive so we’re giving you 100 additional royalty free music tracks to use in your EZ Magic Video productions!



EZ Magic Video Review Section 3 – Final Thoughts & Results


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