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HiJax Review [Section 1]: What Is HiJax And Who’s Behind It?

Launch of February 22We were fortunate enough to have been provided access to the HiJax software prior to its public release on February 22nd.  HiJax is a cloud based affiliate marketing software that, if works, should fix a few serious problems we have in the affiliate marketing industry.  If I had to describe HiJax in a few words, I would have to tell you to imagine a page-jacking platform, a retargeting software, and a scarcity plugin all having a baby together.   

I personally love the idea behind HiJax because getting pagejacking, retargeting, and scarcity to play nicely together can often become a royal pain in the rear-end and a logistical nightmare to manage individually.  With that being said,  Brett developed HiJax to solve another huge problem – one I never thought of. 

With a traditional affiliate funnel, your typically asking visitors to click through several pages before they even receive a cookie.  Each required action or click loses customers along the way; it’s just the nature of the business.  If they click out of your funnel before receiving the cookie, you won’t receive commission.   With Hijax, the visitor is immediately receives the cookie while watching your video.  There is also no interaction required on the customers part – meaning considerably more customers are making it to the final purchase page.


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Who Are The People Behind The HiJax software?

Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas

The faces behind the HiJax software are very well known in the internet marketing space, and for good reason.  Mike and Brett are responsible for the development and launch of many successful products such as the MailIt WordPress Plugin, Video Takeover, Affiliate Trax, and many more.  They are also both internet marketers who make a very good living through affiliate marketing so they understand the industry very well.  Brett is often known for his honest and often ‘unfiltered’ responses.  Brett codes and supports all of his own products which means bugs (if any) are often squashed VERY quickly.  Mike is very personable and is one of the most transparent marketers I’ve ever had the opportunity to talk with.  

HiJax Review [Section 2]: Using The HiJax System?

The first thing you will likely notice when you login to Hijax is the simplicity of the dashboard.  It’s not flooded with upsells, ads, and tons of other crap like most other products we test.  The dashboard is broken into five (5) parts – Pages, Extras, Tutorials, Bonus Training, and Support.


HiJax Review screen capture

On my first login, I did opt to watch the recommended Hijax Tutorial Videos, which combined took less than 10 minutes.  The video was recorded by the developer, Brett Rutecky, and goes through creating your first HiJax page – Step by Step, Option by Option.  Quick, Fast and to the point – just the way I like tutorial videos.

Pages:  The Heart and Soul of Hijax

The [PAGES] option within Hijax is where all the magic happens.  This is where the entire campaign is setup – amazingly from a single screen.

HiJax Review - Pages Option

I took this image of my screen to show the simple 11 question form you will be asked to fill out to generate your Hijax page.  Most, if not all, of these questions are self-explanatory for most people in the internet marketing business but if you have any question – the tutorial video covers each option in-depth.

If you wondering what the finished product looks like, I figured it would be easier to demo Hijax in a video.  Here is a 2 minute video of Hijax in action.

HiJax Review [Section 4]:  Internet Marketing Training!

training bonusI can’t remember the last time Brett and Mike released a piece of software that didn’t include a valuable piece of training.  Both marketers have spent years teaching what they know and trying to inspire new marketers to “take action!”   On your Hijax dashboard is a section called “BONUS TRAINING.”  Here you will find several high-value trainings on “Building a list for Free”, “Free Traffic With Facebook Groups”, “Facebook Lead Ads Tutorial”, and a “Facebook Lead Ads Case Study.”  In my opinion, these trainings alone are worth the cost you would pay for Hijax alone.


HiJax Review [Section 4]:  Everyone Loves Extras!

Hijax BonusesFor everyone who purchases Hijax during the special launch event,  Brett has put together a pretty nice bonus package for you.   With these four (4) bonuses, you receive Resale Rights, Giveaway Rights, and even rights to use them as Bonuses on your own campaigns. 

The software Brett is including for FREE includes:   Content LockLink Master,  Bounce Baby 2.0, and Slide Capture.   He even includes a video teaching you how to offer them on JVZoo and sell them for money.

Update (Feb 22):  Added Several New Bonuses And Trainings Below.  They will be delivered immediately upon successful purchase of Hijax. – Enjoy!


Hijax Bonuses 2



HiJax Review [Section 5]:  Our Final Thoughts…  How Did Hijax Hold Up?


Pivotal Marketing Ventures Approved

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