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Section 1 – What Is Review Wizard?

Review Wizard is a two part system designed to help you copy and implement the exact steps two of the highest earning affiliate marketers on JVZoo.  Both these marketers run a 5-figure per month businesses and they claim they are giving us the tools and information needed to follow in their footsteps.

Who are the authors of The Review Wizard System?

Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas are back and have put together a system that they claim reveals the secrets to their very successful product review blogs.  I have followed both Mike Thomas and Bret Rutecky for years and personally know of many of their successes.  Mike was more than happy to provide me early access to the Review Wizard System so I could go through it and give my honest review of its content.

While checking out the sales page for Review Wizard, I notice it’s in their clean ‘Easy To Read’ format I’ve become familiar with over the years.  Both these marketers claim big numbers but they also have no problem backing up the talk with their JVZoo awards and constant leaderboard rankings.  Mike Thomas also keeps a running log of his business incoming and expenses on his blog.  Both these marketers are very transparent and are quite honest.

Section 2 – Review Wizard Review

Upon successful payment,  you will receive instant access to the entire Review Wizard System.   The control panel, as with all of Brett’s products, is very simple and straightforward.   As we mentioned earlier, The Review Wizard System is divided into two parts, Software & Training.  Along with the two main products, Brett & Mike also includes several bonuses to go along with your purchase.   One important thing to note is the support section.   Unlike many other internet marketing products, when you contact support you will be speaking directly to the product creators.  Both of these men pride themselves on the fact they quickly clear their support ticket queue and rarely (if ever) go to bed with tickets still in queue.  This is a fact and something I can personally attest to through years of communication with them.

Dashboard of Review Wizard System

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Review Wizard Software

While Brett is well known for making both his software and trainings extremely newbie friendly, I still wanted to try the Review Wizard software first hand and see how long it took me to setup a review style blog.  While I didn’t take the time to add tons of content,  I had the ‘core website’ up and functional in less than 20 minutes.  That included all the pretty Star Style review images, SEO, and basic review content.  I used a FREE WordPress theme called ‘Desk Mess Mirrored’ for this test site.  Not bad for 20 minutes work, huh?  Image if you took a few hours and dedicated it to content and adding images.  Click the screenshot below to visit my Review Wizard demo site.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Author Note:” style=”1″] While Review Wizard looks amazing, there is a MUST HAVE feature that’s missing called ‘review schema‘ tags.  [Gasp!]  These tags are special coding that asks Google to show your star ratings next to your sites listing within google.  These tags are really important as they help separate your sites listing from others in Google.  Fortunately for all of us, Brett and Mike have you covered and I’ll talk much more about that at the end of this review.[/wpsm_titlebox]

Review Wizard Test Site

Lets just say I was pretty impressed at how simple it was to start a review blog with Brett’s plugin.  Yes, there is other WordPress plugins that will add Review functions to your WordPress blog, but many require extensive configuration and don’t look near as nice as this one without editing of the PHP/CSS.


Review Wizard Training Courses

Review Wizard Training CoursesI personally have been a full time internet marketer for over 5 years and have many different contacts and friends in this business.  I have taken countless Internet marketing courses offered by some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing industry.   With that said, I honestly didn’t expect much from a training program that was so affordable.  How wrong I was!

As you can see from the screenshot on left,  Brett covers every topic from purchasing a domain to building a marketing list.  There is over 100 minutes of content in the main Review Wizard training.  While it’s easy to assume you can skip some of the videos that seem more basic, I would suggest watching each of the videos in their entirety due to helpful hints Brett includes in each training.

Review Wizard Upsells / OTOs

Earlier, we talked about a very important feature missing in Review Wizard which was the ‘review schema’ tags.  If you remember, this is the coding that asks Google to display the review stars on the sites Google listing.  Well, this is where I should introduce you to Review Wizard Pro.  Review Wizard Pro is an $47 upgrade that includes ‘review schema’ tags along with several extra goodies listed below:

  • Advanced customization for the rating box aspect of Review Wizard
  • Automatically add viral social share buttons to your review
  • Add special Facebook meta tags to your reviews for maximum Facebook Exposure
  • Create ‘On Exit’ pop-ups that capture people about to bounce away
  • Automatically generate Google ‘review schema’ tags that allow you to show your review stars in within the google listings

Review Wizard Discount Information

February 16th – Early-Bird pricing starts at $24.95 and will increase later in the day.  The price after the launch period is expected to be $37.00
No Review Wizard Discounts or Coupons are available at this time but will be immediately posted if they become available after the launch.


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Review Wizard Bonuses

[BONUS #1]  Resell/Giveaway rights to four of Brett’s plugins that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

Review Wizard Bonus

Review Wizard Bonus


[BONUS #2]  FREE Access To Brett’s Image Maker
Pro software that currently isn’t even for sale yet.

This one’s pretty cool, especially for those of you who
don’t like using elaborate programs like Photoshop or Gimp.




[BONUS #3]  Resell Rights To Instant Video Site – A software that lets you build video websites with UNLIMITED video and text in just 60 seconds


[BONUS #4] Resell Rights To Soci Vids – A software that lets you put option forms, buy now buttons, and calls to action over ANY Youtube video

Review Wizard Review Bonuses

[BONUS #5]  Resell Rights To Mobile Optimize Pro

Review of Review Wizard

[Bonus #6] Resell/Giveaway Rights to “How I Make Money Online


Section 3 – Review Wizard (Review Results)


You Can lead a Horse To Water But You Can’t Make It Drink…

Many of you may have heard the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”  For those of you that might never have heard this idiom,  it means you can make something easy for someone — but you can’t make them actually do it.  Brett and Mike have made this extremely easy; in fact, too easy.  The information contained in this package took many of us years to gain.  This is the real deal folks,  now you must decide if you’re going to drink.

Note:  There are a couple of important things you should know about Brett.  Brett might lead you to water but Brett won’t fight with you to drink.  If you’re ready to learn and truly want to become successful online,  Brett is your man.  If you’re looking for someone to hug you and tell you it’s going to be okay when you’re not making money because you’re lazy – I’d strongly advise you not to get this program.  I’ve known Brett long enough to tell you without a doubt this man has no patients for lazy people who are on a never-ending quest to find a single-click money machine (which I promise do not exist).

Lead a horse to water but can't make him drink

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