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Social Media Marketing: What You Need To Know In 2016 And Beyond


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The online world is constantly changing and evolving, and any marketers who want to not only survive, but also thrive, need to embrace social media marketing and all the potential it offers. However, even with businesses that accept just how important social media marketing has become, there’s a big difference between understanding how important something is for your business and actually embracing it to get the most out of your efforts.
Social media marketing is one of those areas that is constantly moving, evolving, and changing, as well. To get the most out of your presence on the Internet you need to keep up on the changes, so read on to learn what you need to know about social media marketing for 2016 and beyond!

I: Facebook Is Still King

Facebook Social MediaFacebook started out with immense excitement, then there were questions about its effectiveness and what type of results early adopting businesses were actually getting. However, Facebook has worked in making fan pages and business pages a more common thing, and as the use of Facebook has continued to grow at an absolutely incredible rate.

Facebook’s picture ads and new rolling out of sponsored videos and video ads have made them even more attractive. For sheer numbers of visitors for a relatively low price, you can’t beat the benefit of Facebook advertising. If you want the full reach for your brand, you can’t ignore Facebook advertising.

II: Don’t Underestimate Picture Based Social Media

Social Media PicturesImages are important for capturing the attention of people online, and that helps explain how social media websites like Pinterest & Instagram are exploding in popularity. In fact, many companies who invested heavily in social media advertising on these websites are seeing massive returns on investment.

While this should be done with careful thought to what pictures will catch attention and how to attract more customers to your brand, make sure this is built in partnership with Facebook advertising and not as a replacement. Good pictures give a much better result than pure text.

III: Video Is Becoming King

Video in Social MediaThe advancement of video in online advertising is huge. In the same way that TV has replaced reading for many people, online video is replacing online text as the number one medium people respond to. Having a few great videos that can grab attention in a way that both text and picture ads can’t compete with.

Spending some money up front for a few quality professional videos can give you all the material you need to produce high quality videos on multiple platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Don’t underestimate how much video can help set you apart from the competition.

IV: Take Advantage Of Buy Buttons The Right Way

Facebook Buy NowFacebook and Pinterest both gained an enormous amount of attention recently by allowing the addition of a buy button. This allows interested customers to buy directly from the ad instead of having to go through an ad, to a landing page, then click buy to get to a buy page.

As all marketers know, the more steps from interest to buying, the more customers you will end up losing. Instagram has seen the success of these other advertisers using buy now buttons and are about to follow suit.

V: Story Telling Matters

Story Telling MarketingPeople love a good story. Your advertising shouldn’t be just a bunch of random ads that pop up here and there, but you should put together a story. This is especially easy when using video ads, or combining text, pictures, and videos together, as well. Most people don’t go onto social media websites looking to buy, they’re looking for updates, or something interesting and new to get their attention. They’re looking for a story, so why not have your social media advertising come together to tell that story to get their attention and keep it?

Look at advertising as story telling for your brand and you will stick in your customers’ minds and see better results.

In Conclusion

If you jump ahead of these five trends that appear in social media marketing in 2016 and beyond you will be amazed at the results your digital marketing efforts bring to you and your business.

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